Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Time to start blogging again!
I've collected a few images of some things I have on my Christmas list. I know it's kind of late to be doing this but better late than never. So here is what I have been wanting to put my hands on:

Skulled out JC booties. 

 A vintage print of the constellations. 
 Leica M9. Dream on.. 

Canon 85mmL 1.2 

 A dik dik!! SO PRECIOUS. Also, a bunny :)

OBSESSING over opal right now. I love these opal rings with a vintage look to them. Right up my alley. 

Kinfolk Magazine. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my. I had my hands on one once and I fell in love. It's such an inspirational magazine and beautifully put together. Swooon.

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  1. Your Christmas list is so lovely! I would want that mag and camera too, hehehe. Happy Christmas, lovely Andie! x